Certified Massage Therapists

Who we are: IversonSellers Therapeutic Bodywork and Massage is owned and operated by Kelly Iverson and Matthew Sellers, a husband and wife team dedicated to providing the most cutting edge treatments available in the field of Alternative Health Care. Kelly and Matthew are both Integrative Neurosomatic Therapists trained by the St. John-Clark Pain Treatment Center in Clearwater Florida whose staff is dedicated to furthering the field of structural bodywork through continual research.

What we do: As Structural Therapists we use safe non-invasive techniques to release chronic and acute pain syndromes by correcting dysfunctional posture and gait patterns. We assist in balancing your body structurally by addressing the muscular system.

Who Needs Integrative Neurosomatic Therapy:

  • Those suffering from chronic and acute pain brought on by things such as a car accident, a sport injury, repetitive strain motions, or a congenital condition such as scoliosis.
  • People who suffer from: back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, headaches, TMJ, sciatica, knee pain, hip pain and shoulder pain.
  • People who have had joint repair and/or replacements.
  • Individuals who want to ensure they remain healthy.
  • Individuals who want to improve athletic performance.
  • People who have been unsuccessfully treated by other health care providers.
  • People who have given up hope of living a pain free life.
  • Many people have made their way to our center by a referral from a family member or friend who has been helped.

A typical First Session: We will conduct a thorough Postural and Gait evaluation. This allows us to identify the cause of the pain so we can efficiently and effectively treat the source, not the symptoms. With the use of charts and props we will explain our findings in understandable terms so that you become an active educated participant in your healing process. We will then begin the Manual Therapy to release the areas causing the dysfunction. Finally we will customize a stretching and exercise program for you to do in between treatments to assist you in maintaining a pain-free lifestyle and help prevent re-injury.

Why we are different: What makes us unique in the field of bodywork is that we look at the whole body system as a functional unit with each part connected and influencing the other. To treat one area without looking at its relationship to the other would be an ineffective strategy. For example, a client may come to our clinic with knee pain. We would look at the relationship of the knee to the pelvis and leg length. We would also check the person's gait pattern. This strategy allows us to find the source of the problem.

Therapies Offered

  • Integrative Neurosomatic Therapy (INT)
  • Craniosacral Therapy (CST)
  • Neuromuscular (NMT)
  • Swedish/Deep Tissue
  • Myofascial release
  • Integrative Relaxation
  • Soft tissue release
  • Hydrotherapy
  • PreNatal


159 State Street, Montpelier, VT

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Contact Kelly 802-498-3920 or Matthew 802-595-2338.

We look forward to helping you improve your well being!